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Due to the cessation of funding, the General Practice Aged Day Service (GPADS) will cease operations effective from 26 June 2015.

The ACT Primary Health Network intends in 2015-2016 to undertake, in collaboration with ACT Health and providers of aged care services, a comprehensive analysis of the priorities and gaps in primary health care service provision for older adults in the ACT, including the ongoing need for a GPADS type service. The intent is to develop some sustainable solutions for providing appropriate medical and other support to the elderly in our community who are the most vulnerable. 

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The GP Aged Day Service (GPADS) Program commenced in March 2011. A small team of General Practitioners are able to provide urgent medical care to people who are home bound or are residents in aged care across the ACT when the patients usual GP is unable to provide care in a timely manner.
Service delivery is within business hours Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

What does the GPADS Program do?

General practices and RACF's are able to call on GPADS when the demands of the surgery or annual/conference leave prevent the usual GPs attendance. GPADS accepts referrals only for isolated acute episodes of care. Responsibility for ongoing care remains with the practice. There is no age limit but referrals are limited to people who are home bound or within a Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF).

Following a referral from the client’s GP or RACF:

  • Registered Nurses in the GPADS program assess and prioritise incoming referrals, liaising with the referring practice and the patient or RACF.
  • The GPADS GP assesses and provides timely treatment to the patient requiring consultation in their home environment.
  • GPADS doctors complete a written report which is sent to the referring GP with 48 hours.
  • The service is usually bulk billed however, patients without Medicare eligibility will be invoiced. GPADS may also bill patients at the same rate as the referring GP, if agreed with the referring practice.

How can the GPADS Program help?

By providing access to a GP who can assess and treat referred patients, Emergency Department presentations are prevented and significant delays in assessment and treatment of the elderly and vulnerable are avoided.

Continuity of care is maintained through the forwarding of a detailed report of assessment and treatment from the GPADS GPs to the patient’s usual GP.

What has the GPADS Program achieved?

GPADS has provided much needed support for general practices, Residential Aged Care Facilities and home bound patients and has improved access to GP services for the elderly and vulnerable in the community. GPs within solo practices can now arrange cover for their RACF patients when absent on annual/conference leave.

Over 1700 patients have accessed the service.  Over 3000 home/RACF visits have been attended since the inception of the service. 95% of local General Practices participate. GPADS has reduced demand on afterhour’s services by providing access to more GPs during business hours.

Who can help you?

Anne Knobel - Registered Nurse
Margo Byrne - Registered Nurse
Deb Hammett - Administration

P (02) 6287 8050
F (02) 6287 8098

Last reviewed 25 November 2014