What is Connect Up 4 Kids?

Connect Up 4 Kids (CU4K) is one of several territory-wide initiatives funded by ACT Health aimed at halting the growth of childhood overweight and obesity rates in the ACT. The 3 year project targets the prevention of childhood obesity through the development of a CU4K Healthy Weight Pathway and key health promotion messages for primary care professionals to provide to families with children aged between 3 and 7 years.

What does Connect Up 4 Kids do?

Connect Up 4 Kids aims to provide a simple screening tool to General Practitioners, Practice Nurses and other primary health professionals to support them in the prevention and management of childhood overweight and obesity. The Connect Up 4 Kids Healthy Weight Pathway provides a guide for practitioners in the assessment of BMI in children between the ages of 3 and 7 years. Specifically, the pathway provides guidance on the identification of children at risk of overweight or obesity and pathways to management for those who are outside the healthy weight range. The Healthy Weight Pathway is supported by the Healthy Weight Pathway Quick Reference Guide and a health professional education program and ongoing practice support delivered through Capital Health Network.

The Connect Up 4 Kids Family Resources are designed for primary health care providers to empower families with children in the target age range, in making lifestyle choices which help to maintain a healthy weight in growing children.

How can Connect Up 4 Kids help you?

Connect Up 4 Kids can provide support for primary healthcare professionals by:

  • Offering guidance to primary health professionals in following the CU4K Healthy Weight Pathway;
  • Collating a suite of evidence based health promotion resources targeted at families with children aged between 3 and 7 years;
  • Facilitating education on a range of topics related to healthy weight in childhood and;
  • Providing information on management and referral options for families with children outside their healthy weight range.

Connect Up 4 Kids can provide support for families by:

  • Providing easy access to resources that help you make lifestyle choices which keep your family healthy
  • Making it easier for you to talk to your primary health provider about keeping your family healthy
  • Connecting families to community based programs where they can find out more information on making healthy lifestyle choices.