Capital Health Network

Capital Health Network

Healthdirect Video Call:

Capital Health Network has received approval from the Department of Health to facilitate delivery of Telehealth video consultation services to general practice and other eligible health care providers within the ACT. 

Provision of Telehealth services, where appropriate and clinically safe, allows ACT healthcare providers to offer patients an alternative to face-to-face consultations whilst self-isolation, quarantine and other government social distancing measures are in place. Telehealth consultations help to limit the exposure of patients and vulnerable providers to COVID-19 and reduce the risk of transmission within the community. 

The Telehealth service is being facilitated through the healthdirect Video Call platform. 

Please check with your health care provider whether they are using the healthdirect Video Call platform, and ensure you have an appointment with your GP prior to accessing the Telehealth services.

Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS):

The Department of Health has provided a fact sheet about the COVID-19 MBS Telehealth item numbers

Further information about telehealth for consumers:

Telehealth Hub: 

TheDigital Health Cooporative Research Centre (DHCRChas indexed and collated a wide range of resources that have been shared and recommended by members of the Australian health community into an onlineTelehealth Hub

The Telehealth Hub provides support for health professionals and consumers to implement and use telehealth effectively, with numerous government agencies, professional bodies, organisations and individuals contributing to resources available on the Hub, including Hints and Tips for Health Consumers