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Telehealth (video-conference and phone consultation) items are available to all Australians. The December 2020 MBS XML file is available to download with MBS News, the full item list, and fact sheet on MBS Changes. DVA has correspondingly changed the Veterans Access Payment fees from 1 October 2020.

Ensure you understand the legislation and series amendments prior to commencement of billing, also noting that as of 20 July 2020, Telehealth is restricted to a patient’s usual GP/Practice, with exemptions for people experiencing homelessness, infants under 12 months of age, and for those in COVID-19 hotspots.

On Friday 27 November, Greg Hunt, Federal Health Minister announced that “telehealth will become a permanent part of the Medicare system.” He stated, “There’s not been much good that’s come from COVID. One thing that has come from COVID is the fact that we have skipped a decade and jumped from 2030 to 2020 for the delivery of telehealth for all Australians. Universal, whole-of-population telehealth and it will now be permanent.”

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  • Capital Health Network has received approval from the Department of Health to facilitate delivery of telehealth video consultation services to general practice and other eligible health care providers within the ACT
  • Provision of telehealth services, where appropriate and clinically safe, allows ACT healthcare providers to offer patients an alternative to face-to-face consultations whilst self-isolation, quarantine and other government social distancing measures are in place. Telehealth consultations help to limit the exposure of patients and vulnerable providers to COVID-19 and reduce the risk of transmission within the community
  • The telehealth service is being facilitated through the healthdirect Video Call platform which Capital Health Network is pleased to offer free to practices in the ACT until June 2021

If you would like Capital Health Network to help your practice get set up with this telehealth solution, please email your query to

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For further information on COVID-19 Telehealth, MBS Telehealth and Telehealth, see the COVID-19 Telehealth and Telehealth pages on ACT & SNSW HealthPathways