Many people use alcohol and other drugs (AOD) without experiencing significant harm, but for some AOD use results in serious health and social consequences.

For those people affected by AOD usage, reducing or stopping can be difficult without the support of a specialist AOD service. It is estimated between 400-500 people access specialist AOD services on any single day in the ACT.

Capital Health Network, through the ACT PHN Drug and Alcohol Program, funds a range of specialist AOD treatment services including:

  • assessment
  • case management support
  • counselling
  • withdrawal management
  • rehabilitation
  • information and education.

AOD Services

Access to PHN-funded AOD services is free to people living or working in the ACT. For further information or referral to PHN-funded AOD services, please contact our contracted service providers directly as listed below.

1. CAHMA – The Connection
AOD case management support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the ACT.
Phone: 6279 1670
Email: info [at]

2. CAHMA – Peer Treatment Support Service
CAHMA’s Peer Treatment Support Services provides education and information on the range of drug treatment services available to suit individual needs, assists with accessing treatments and provides advocacy support for clients during and after treatment.
Phone: 6279 1670
Email: info [at]

3. ACT Health – Alcohol and Drug Service
AOD counselling for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the ACT.
Phone: 5124 9977 (24 hours)

4. CatholicCare – Reaching Out Program
Outreach AOD Counselling for people over the age of 13 years.
Phone: 6163 7695
Email: reachingout [at]

5. CatholicCare – AOD Support Connections
Outreach AOD case management program for people over the age of 16 years affected by the use of alcohol and other drugs.
Phone: 6163 7600
Email: info [at]

6. Directions – Althea Wellness Centre
Althea Wellness Centre offers primary and secondary health care services to anyone impacted by AOD and who doesn’t have a regular GP. Althea Wellness Centre provides multidisciplinary care for clients with complex health and social needs, including nursing, psychology and AOD service.
Phone: 6132 4800
Email: reception [at]

7. Directions - Arcadia House – Day Program
12 Week Day Program to meet the needs of people who are unable to access residential rehabilitation treatment programs. The program uses a cognitive behavioural therapy group program focusing on skills development and harm minimisation.
Phone: 6132 4800
Email: reception [at]

8. Karralika – Justice Services Alcohol and other Drug Counselling
Community-based specialist AOD counselling service for eligible people who have connections to Justice Services in the ACT (e.g. probation, parole, Alexander Maconochie Centre) or have concluded with these services within the last three months.
Phone: 6185 1300 or 1800 152 772
Email: info [at]

9. Karralika – Non-residential withdrawal support program
Non-residential program to support ACT residents with predicated mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms to safely reduce or withdraw from psychoactive substances in the comfort of their own home, in order to enter a specialist residential or day rehabilitation program.
Phone: 6185 1300 or 1800 152 772
Email: info [at]

10. Toora Women Inc – Day Program
An eight-week group program for women over the age of 18 years to help them learn skills they need to live a meaningful life free from alcohol and other drugs.
Phone: 6241 7233
Email: tooraAODservice [at]

11. Toora Women Inc – Specialist AOD Counselling
Up to 12 weeks of counselling for women over the age of 18 years who are impacted by their own or another’s AOD use.
Phone: 6241 7233
Email: counselling [at]