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An  E-Learning course for professionals and practitioners working with families from pre-birth to eight years.

This e-learning course is an easy to use resource for all users, regardless of their professional background. The course provides a starting point for using common language that delivers consistent and compelling messages to families about caring for their young child.

This course will provide practitioners with an approach that encourages a supportive structure for carers, families and communities in our mission to truly place the child’s needs at the centre of care – improving life outcomes for our community’s most vulnerable children and young people.

1. What is it?

The online course is based on the hardcopy Practice guide for working with families from pre-birth to eight years Engaging Families in the Early Childhood Development Story

To support your learning the hardcopy practice guide is available at

2. What is the value of this course?

By applying the information, best practices and shared values in the course professionals and practitioners can assist families to support their children’s development

3. How to access the course?

You can find the e-learning course at:

The course has interactive activities including short example video clips and self-reflection questions and multiple choice assessments at the end of each section.

The 4 ½ hour course can be stopped at any point and resumed at a later time with flexibility to do the modules in separate sessions.

For further information please read the Background paper developed to accompany the release of the course in the ACT.

4. Continuing Professional Development Information

RACGP – This course can be considered to be a Category 2 activity under the RACGP self-directed learning category.

Nursing and Midwifery, Allied Health – You may be eligible to claim this course under self-directed learning. Please confirm with your professional body.

For more information on the e-learning practice guide email