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Capital Health Network

Digital health is an integral part of any general practice and is increasingly prevalent in enabling secure communication between health care providers and health care organisations. A mature digital health environment within the practice provides the foundation for safe, seamless and secure access and sharing of health information across multiple disciplines at the point of care.

CHN’s Digital Health Team continues to support the uptake and use of digital health initiatives in the ACT through:

  • site visits
  • dissemination of information
  • assisting in registration for services
  • development and implementation of practice level policies, processes, and procedures
  • training to foster meaningful use of these programs into clinical practice.

CHN’s Digital Health Team can provide support for My Health Record, Electronic Prescriptions, Secure Messaging Service (including Electronic Referrals, Electronic Requesting and HealthLink), Telehealth and Cyber Security.

The promotion and delivery of these services is part of the Australian Digital Health Agency’s Digital Health Strategy. This strategy aims to make health information available whenever and wherever it is needed, ensuring the secure exchange of health information, improving data quality and better access to medication and prescriptions. It also aims to digitally enable models of care to help improve accessibility, quality, safety and efficiency in the health care sector, assisting the workforce to become confident in using digital health technologies, and building a thriving digital health industry that delivers innovative health care.

Need help?

If you would like more information or assistance with any digital health initiatives, please contact CHN’s Digital Health Team via email:

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