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Electronic prescriptions are an alternative option to paper prescriptions. The prescriber will write a script using their conformant medical software and a token containing a QR code will be sent to the patient via SMS or email. The patient then needs to present this QR code to the pharmacy for dispensing. This method reduces transcription errors and provides patients with convenient access to their medicines.

The next phase of electronic prescription is the Active Script List (ASL) which lists all active prescriptions and repeats available to be dispensed. ASL removes the need for the patient to receive or retain their tokens. With the patient’s consent, this list will be managed by their preferred pharmacy.

It is important to remember that patients can only choose either a paper or electronic prescription and that this is available to patients who have a Healthcare Identifier – Individual which is given to anyone with a Medicare or DVA card.

To prepare your practice for electronic prescriptions, please see this checklist provided by CHN:
Electronic Prescription Checklist.

For pharmacists, visit this link to get started with electronic prescriptions.

If you would like more information or assistance with this or any of the digital health initiatives, please contact CHN’s Digital Health Team via email:

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