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Sending clinical information and documents via fax, post or email is deemed unsecure. Secure Messaging enables all health care providers to seamlessly and securely exchange a patient’s clinical information using a clinical conformant software that is linked to a Secure Message Delivery (SMD) system such as HealthLink.

To enable your practice for Secure Messaging, you will be allocated an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) number which is made up of eight characters. Having an EDI will also enable your practice to send electronic referrals and electronic pathology requests.


Using HealthLink’s SmartForms through your practice management system (e.g. Best Practice, Medical Director or Genie) a GP can send a referral together with patient’s medical history to the outpatient services at Canberra Health Services, Community Services and My Aged Care. GPs can also send to specialists who are registered as HealthLink providers and are enabled for SmartForms.


It is a fast and easy process of requesting pathology tests. Using a conformant medical software, health care providers can send the request electronically to the lab and a paper request is also printed so that patients can have the liberty to choose a pathology provider. Information is sent directly to the lab and patients can receive a copy via SMS if the appointment is via Telehealth. Results may be uploaded to My Health Record. Currently in the ACT, only Capital Pathology and Australian Clinical Labs are enabled for e-Requesting.

Using all these digital messaging systems gives health care providers various advantages such as improved timeliness, lessens paper-based processes, lessens occurrence of lost referrals or requests because it has a send/receive audit trail, and improves communication between health care providers.

Here are the various checklists to help you enable your practice for Secure Messaging:

If you need assistance or if you have any questions regarding Secure Messaging or other digital health services, please feel free to contact CHN’s Digital Health team via email:

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