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Telehealth is a new model of health care delivery where practitioners use information and communications technology to conduct patient consultations. This was brought by the global pandemic to ensure patient and practitioners’ safety. Majority of general practices and health care providers use telephone or video consultations to reach patients especially in remote and rural areas. It is a convenient alternative especially when the patient is unable to see their practitioner face-to-face.

Most general practitioners use telephone to conduct Telehealth consultations but if you want a more interactive approach, CHN has partnered with HealthDirect to provide a free video call platform to practices in the ACT. You don’t need a special equipment and there are no special log-in or dial-in requirements to access this platform. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a mobile or computing device that can connect to the clinic’s website and online waiting area.

To enable your practice for Telehealth especially video consulting, simply follow this guide: Telehealth Checklist.

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