Measles case in the ACT - Information for Clinicians

1 February 2019
  • A case of measles has been reported in the ACT.
  • Medical Practitioners and Emergency Departments should be alert for further cases.
  • If you have a patient who you suspect of having measles:
    • Implement infection control procedures immediately (including isolation); and
    • Urgently notify the Communicable Disease Control Section (CDC) of the Health Protection Service (HPS) on (02) 5124 9213 (24 hours}.

Message from Department of Health: Urgent food advice

20 September 2018

On 18 September 2018, a needle was found in a banana at an aged care service in NSW. The aged care facility immediately contacted police and advised the Department of Health.

The Department urges all aged care approved providers and residents to exercise caution and cut up their fruit before consumption.

We stress the importance of vigilance to manage the safety and wellbeing of residents.

If contaminated fruit is found, people should contact their local police in the first instance.

Multi-drug-resistant (MDR) shigellosis in Australia

23 August 2018

ACT and NSW have both seen an increase in multi-drug-resistant shigellosis cases acquired through male-to-male sexual contact which are resistant to all recommended oral antibiotics.

Please see below under 'Related Documents' information from the Chief Health Officer for clinicians regarding patient investigation, treatment and advice for cases of shigellosis in the ACT. This information should be further distributed as required.