GP Recruitment Agencies - Can They Help Me?


Are you looking for a GP? If so, there are dedicated GP recruitment agencies that can help you. These agencies have a vast network of GPs seeking work, both within Australia and overseas, and can highlight your vacancy to appropriate candidates, or assist GPs who approach them wishing to move specifically to the ACT.


  • The advertisement you place with a recruitment agency can specify exactly what you are looking for.
  • The Agency carefully vets each candidate before they are presented to you for interview.
  • You can interview and usually meet your prospective candidate before entering into any employment discussions.
  • A large majority of the paperwork, including all the red tape involved in bringing an International Medical Graduate to Australia or the ACT, is done by the recruitment agency— saving you time, money and much hassle!
  • All background and reference checks will be done by the Agency (although you are also welcome to do your own!).
  • You can negotiate a contract with your new GP which will benefit your Practice.


  • There is an initial outlay which can be recouped fairly quickly from the money generated by having an additional GP in your practice.
  • Some International Medical Graduates are not immediately familiar with the Australian system and may require some support through training and/or supervision.


  • Costs vary between $12,000-20,000 per placement. This is a small outlay when you consider that savvy Practices can recoup this by:
    • Using a fixed term contract, with penalties if the person leaves early
    • Considering a contract with progressive income increases– for example, a salary could start at 60% of billing for the first three months, increase to 63% for the following three months, and culminate at 65%
    • Most recruitment agencies are willing to negotiate how the placement fee is paid - including instalment payments over twelve months.

Interested in recruiting a GP through a recruitment agency?

Visit the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association Ltd (RCSA), where you will find a list of agencies who specialise in recruiting medical practitioners.

It is important that you note that recruitment agencies who have candidates interested in the ACT often contact Capital Health Network for advice on who is currently seeking GPs. To ensure you don’t miss out, make sure your GP vacancy is advertised on the Capital Health Network website. To advertise your vacancy, please complete the form here.

You are also welcome to let gprecruitment [at] (Capital Health Network) know that you are interested in an IMG via a recruitment agency.