The Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) is part of the wider Medicare Benefits Scheme managed by the Department of Health and administered by Medicare Australia.

For the latest MBS information and updated changes, please refer to MBS Online 

Changes in Skin Excision MBS item numbers

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MBS Items Online Checker

The MBS Item Online Checker can be used to determine if an identified MBS Item has been claimed for a specific patient within a pre-defined period of time. The Online Checker will assess eligibility to claim a Medicare benefit for a particular service based on the patient’s Medicare history.

Health Practitioners can access the MBS Items Online Checker through Health Professionals Online Service (HPOS) by using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Individual Certificate.

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Practice Nurse Item Numbers

A quick reference guide for GPs and practice nurses that explains the requirements for claiming services provided by practice nurses on behalf of GPs.

Frequently Used Desktop Guide (FUDG) to Item Numbers

Frequently Used Desktop Guide to Item Numbers is a reference guide of common item numbers.

Health Assessment Item Numbers

There are four, time based Health Assessment item numbers which may be used for any of the 8 target groups:

  • Brief Health Assessment
  • Standard Health Assessment
  • Long Health Assessment
  • Prolonged Health Assessment

Health Assessments Item Numbers

Medicare Health Assessments: MBS Items 701-707 and 715
This fact sheet updated on 27 August 2014 provides the latest information on Medicare Health Assessments on using Medicare items 701 to 707 (the general, time-tiered health assessment items) and 715 (the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Assessment).