The high intensity service (replacing ATAPS) builds off the low intensity model to provide more intensive psychological interventions to clients with moderate to severe presentations. Interventions are delivered by trained mental health professionals. Interventions are provided across a six to 18 session basis dependent on the individual’s needs.


The high intensity service does not replace Better Access. The service is designed to reach populations who may not benefit from or who have barriers to accessing Better Access or headspace (youth), including:

  • underserviced groups
  • children and youth 
  • people with financial barriers to gaining treatment

To be eligible for services, people must not be:

  • able to receive the support they require through Better Access
  • currently accessing psychological interventions through other services.


For high intensity services, clients require a GP referral, including a Mental Health Treatment Plan and referral form which can be faxed to 6100 9961.

The level of triage completed will be determined by the level and detail of information provided on the referral.

Referral form

Click here to download the nextstep Referral/Review form (PDF).

Clinical Practice Software Templates

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Patient Information Sheets

Click here to download the nextstep Missed Appointment Policy – High Intensity Patient Information Sheet (PDF).

More information

Intake and Referral
P:02 6287 8090
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