Chief Executive: Adjunct Professor Gaylene Coulton
Senior Executive Officer: Helen McMurtrie
Corporate Strategy Advisor: Zoe Holdenson

Innovation and Improvement

General Manager, Innovation and Improvement: Julie Porritt
Senior Manager, Procurement and Performance: Lauren Anthes
Procurement Manager: Leah Peut
Program Manager, Contracts and Services: Marnie Griggs
Mental Health Program Manager: Andrea Gledhill
Service Navigator (Youth): Katrina Hill
Mental Health Implementation Coordinator: Prue Spence
Mental Health Triage: Sarah Gosper
Mental Health Triage and Intake Assistant: Janelle Holstein
Mental Health Triage and Intake Assistant: Patrick Hayes
Manager, Heart Failure Project: Daniela Gagliardi
Population Health Planning Manager: Megan Crombie
Population Health Planning Officer: Sanae Roberts
Special Projects Officer: Susan Massey
HealthPathways Program Manager: Anais le Gall
HealthPathways Program Coordinator: Sharon Cain
HealthPathways Program Support Officer: Melissa Morthorpe
HealthPathways GP Clinical Lead: Dr David Gregory
HealthPathways GP Clinical Editor: Dr Melanie Dorrington
HealthPathways GP Clinical Editor: Dr Kate Molinari
HealthPathways GP Registrar: Dr Jessica Sloane
Transition of Care Coordinator: Naomi Edison
Transition of Care Coordinator: Julie McMahon
Practice Development Manager: Andrew Mead
Practice Development Coordinator: Mohammad Rabbi
Practice Development Coordinator: Jill Karlson
Practice Development Coordinator – Nursing and Immunisation: Toni Rice
QI Data Program Coordinator: Eleanor Whitehead
GP Advisor Integrated Team Care Program: Dr Rebecca Jacobs
Integrated Team Care Project Officer: Felicia Fletcher
Parkinson's Nurse: Larinda Dowell
eHealth Program Manager: Elizabeth Moss
Stakeholder Engagement and Training Officer (Digital Health): Caroline Draine
Stakeholder Engagement and Training Officer (Digital Health): David Traylen
Stakeholder Engagement and Training Officer (Digital Health): Penny Taylor
Community Engagement Officer (Digital Health): Kate Lehmensich
Senior Coordinator CPD Program: Adrian Dennis
Program Support and CPD Officer: Sharelle Jarius

Organisational Sustainability

Chief Operating Officer: Brendan Egan
Senior Manager, Corporate Operations: Marie Bennett
Office Coordinator: Kerry Weller-Lewis
Information Management and Technology Manager: Glen Carswell
Communications Manager: Roz Lemon
Financial Accountant: Pushpan Pitigala
Finance Officer: Zuneit Shrestha

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