The Parkinson’s Nurse Program is a joint initiative between Capital Health Network, Parkinson’s ACT and the Rotary Club of Hall.  Under this three-year pilot program, a Parkinson's Nurse is available to provide support and advice to people living with Parkinson’s, as well as their families and carers.  The Parkinson's Nurse also provides information, education and support to health professionals in the ACT to improve their knowlege of Parkinson's, with the aim of improving the care they provide to their patients with Parkinson's.

GPs, hospital staff and other health professionals can refer patients who are diagnosed with Parkinson's into the program.

The Parkinson's Nurse can provide:

  • assistance in navigating the health system
  • basic education and information regarding symptom management
  • advice on available services in the ACT and assistance in accessing these services, and 
  • identification of short-term concerns and appropriate pathways for management.

A phone advice service is also available for people with Parkinson's to call directly (no referral needed) on Wednesday mornings from 9am - 12pm.  To access the phone clinic please call 0400 206 793. 


For more information on the services available under the program or how to refer to the Parkinson’s Nurse please contact our Parkinson’s Nurse at parkinsonsnurse [at]