Capital Health Network’s PHN Innovation Project: Heart Failure initiative which commenced in 2017, it adopted a whole of system, co-designed and evidence informed approach to the management and palliation of Heart Failure (HF) in the ACT. It was founded on the Heart Foundation Consensus Statement 2013 which provides a framework for best practice.

The primary objective of the innovation project was to develop and implement a comprehensive approach to the management of heart failure in the ACT that involves evidence-based, multi-disciplinary and patient-centred care.

Key components of the initiative included:

  • Phase 1 Planning and Preparation
  • Phase 2 Development
  • Phase 3 Delivery
  • Phase 4 Evaluation

It is envisaged that the model of care developed through the program will be tested and piloted in the near future.

Further information

For further information contact Mohammad Rabbi, General Practice Improvement Coordinator