Capital Health Network’s PHN Innovation Project adopts a whole of system evidence informed approach to the management and palliation of Heart Failure (HF) in the ACT. It is founded on the Heart Foundation Consensus Statement 2013 which provides a framework for best practice.

The primary objective of the innovation project is to develop and implement a comprehensive approach to the management of HF in the ACT that involves evidence-based, multi-disciplinary and patient-centred care.

Key components

Key components of the initiative include:

Phase 1 - Planning and Preparation

  • Establishment of effective project governance and joint working relationships
  • Introduction and development of a HF Clinical Leadership Forum 
  • Establishment of effective program management capability

Phase 2 – Development

  • Co-design, development and piloting of a General Practice focused model of care
  • Review of HF related palliative care approaches to inform the development of an ACT-wide model of palliative care
  • Development of a HF specific outcomes framework and associated minimum data set

Phase 3 – Delivery

  • Development and implementation of a system-wide change and adoption strategy
  • Development and delivery of a whole of system multi-disciplinary workforce development plan
  • Development of a HF patient register (if considered appropriate)

Phase 4 – Evaluation

  • A formative evaluation will be conducted across the duration of the project with the final report delivered at the end of the initiative.

Further information

For further information contact:
Daniela Gagliardi, Manager, Heart Failure Project at d.gagliardi [at]