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Dickson General Practice

We are looking for a bright and bubbly receptionist for our family friendly practice. Experience not necessary but looked upon highly.

The position is casual (30-35 hours per week + some Saturdays).

Duties will include:

  • booking appointments
  • taking calls for all types of requests and following up appropriately and efficiency
  • invoicing and receipting appointments 
  • greeting patients into the practice 
  • general front desk reception duties
  • maintaining appearance and cleanliness of practice and front desk 
  • simple stock take maintenance
  • supporting practice manager with admin duties as required.

The ability to be friendly and engage in conversation with patients and other visitors to the practice will be looked upon with high regard as we take pride in maintaining ongoing relationships with our patients and providing a happy and welcoming practice,

The ability to work on your own and carry out duties autonomously is also regarded highly, as the position requires a level of responsibility and professionalism.

You will also be required to be flexible to work a range of different shifts in conjuction with the other receptionist including Tuesday evenings and some Saturdays. 

(Inner metro) North Canberra
Practice Manager

As Practice Manager your role is to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the service entity OrthoapedicsACT.

In a broader sense you will be required to supervise all staff to ensure patients that present to our offices are treated in a courteous and efficient manner as they source medical advice and treatment with us.

In recognition of your skill, experience and ability to work autonomously you will be expected to take a leadership role and will be required to monitor staff performance and provide support and assistance as required. And which may include providing professional development opportunities or implementing disciplinary actions. 

The success of Orthoapedics ACT relies on the maintnance of quality communications, marketing and business partnerships, each which require ongoing management.

With an eye on business growth you will be required to coordinate and provide reports for the monthly director meetings, looking for ways of improving and/or growing the business.

As required you will be called upon to assist with the mentoring and training of new staff and may be asked to assist in other rooms with little notice when unexpected staff absences arise.


  • Responsibility 1 –Customer Service Ensure all staff employed by the service entity OrthopaedicsACT provides our patients with a level of care and customer service that is reflective of our premium position as a speciality medical practice whilst communicating on the phone or in face-to-face situations.

Work standard – Undertake patient relations in a professional and caring manner. 

  • Responsibility 2 –Internal stakeholder relations (staff)  Manage the recruitment, supervision and training of staff, including leave and rostering.                                                     

Work standard – Aspire to complete or delegate tasks to ensure efficient running of room

  • Responsibility 3 –External stakeholder relations (Communications/Marketing/ Business relations) Maintain quality external stakeholder relations by overseeing communications, collateral production, advertising placements, listings, web.
  • Responsibility 4 –Business Processes & Growth: Contribute to the overall business success of OrthopaedicsACT by maintaining an awareness of the broader team that works around you, and extend assistance when needed. For example: providing support when someone is away; or their workload has backed up; or accepting positions on various task rosters.

Work standard – Complete the tasks to the best of your skill set and ability thus demonstrating teamwork, initiative and the ability to work autonomously. 


Academic qualifications



Completed Diploma or Degree (any field)

Certificate in Medical Terminology

Certificate/Diploma in Practice Management

Work experience & skills



Familiarity with Microsoft Office

Experience working in a reception environment

Experience with HR

Experience within a medical environment

Financial experience

Personal qualities & behavioural traits



Intrinsic desire to assist people

Strong written and vertbal communication skills

Attention to detail


(Inner metro) South Canberra
Seeking Receptionist Extraordinaire to join our team
My Medical Practice - Charnwood

We are looking for a extrodinary receptionist to join our team.  We are looking for someone who can work indepenently and seemlessly to join our team.  We would prefer experience in medical reception, and preferrably experience in Medical Director and Pracsoft.  You will be expected to carry out a variety of receptionist duties, including scheduling apointments, managing corrospondance, and liasing with patients and Doctors.  It would be beneficial to have a good knowledge of Workers Compensation and Medicare processes, ie batching and claiming.  It would also be beneficial to have a good working knowledge of patient recalls.  We are looking for someone with a stong patient focus.  This person will also be able to manage time efficently and prioritise workflow.  

Charnwood - ACT
(Inner metro) North Canberra