The Quality Improvement program is a service designed to take a whole of systems approach to support general practice in improving the assessment and management of patients who are at risk of or have chronic disease(s). It is based on one of the largest and most successful primary care improvement programs, the Australian Primary Care Collaborative (APCC) and provides patients identified at a high risk of developing chronic disease with a free health coaching service.

CAT4 (PEN Computer Systems Clinical Audit Tool) is used to collect data as part of the program. The data collected can help guide the practice in planning, implementing and monitoring business and clinical system initiatives which can lead to improved health outcomes for patients.

How to register

  • Fill out the QiData Expression of Interest form and return it to qidata [at] or fax to 02 6287 8055.
  • Your Practice Development Officer will contact you with more information.

What is QiData?

QiData is designed to provide general practices with information needed to improve the assessment and management of patients who are at risk of or have chronic disease(s). It will help identify opportunities for quality improvement and better business performance.

What is CDMLink?

CDMLink is a new pilot program that aims to take a comprehensive whole of systems approach to the identification, prevention and management of patients at risk of developing cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic kidney disease or patients at risk of chronic disease due to obesity and patients with existing chronic disease.

How do we support you?

  • Installation and access to CAT4 and PAT CAT (PEN Computer Systems Patient Aggregation Tool) free of charge for healthcare organisations in the ACT.
  • Ongoing support from the Practice Development Officers.
  • Tailored support to identify and analyse the clinical and business data to meet the needs for your practice.
  • Training and support with the data extraction tool.
  • Regular data quality and progress reports with suggested improvement strategies.
  • Network meetings and training opportunities.
  • Health coaching for eligible patients (CDMLink).

What is CAT4?

  • A reporting tool that aggregate patient information and present it in a graphical format that is easy to understand.
  • A tool to measure and improve data quality within the practice.
  • A tool to identify and manage patients at risk or with chronic disease.

CAT4 Resources

What is PAT CAT?

  • A Patient Aggregation Tool for CAT4.
  • Practices can use PAT CAT to benchmark data against other ACT practices’ aggregated data.
  • PAT CAT is fully compliant with privacy and confidentiality regulatory obligations.

More information

More information can be obtained by sending an email to qidata [at]