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  • COVID-19 Vaccination Training Program log in (Australian College of Nursing is the training provider for the COVID-19 vaccination training)
  • COVID-19 Nurses Support Strategy – This strategy addresses the professional issues nurses are facing across the system – for members and non-members. It focuses on information, upskilling, advocacy, support for nurses, health system reforms for professional practice and community awareness.

Relevant legislation for Nurse Immunisers under the Poisons Act:

  • Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods (Nurse and Midwife Immunisers) Direction 2020 (No 1)
    Disallowable instrument DI2020 – 290
    made under the Medicines, Poisons and Therapeutic Goods Regulation 2008, section 353 (Authorisation for nurse or midwife to administer vaccine without prescription—Act, s 37 (1) (b))

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