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Digital health is more vital than ever. The use of technology enables health care practitioners to provide better health care to patients. This leads Australians to live a healthier life because they have greater access to health services and their health information in a timely and secure manner.

My Health Record

My Health Record is a secure online summary of a person’s key health information. It is part of a national system that is accessible anytime, anywhere. Access to this information is important especially during crisis and emergencies. Medical professionals and patients can access My Health Record with internet connection. GPs, specialists, pharmacists and pathology providers can also add clinical documents to a patient’s record. Patients can control the privacy and security of their record, but health practitioners can still “break the glass ” to access the information in emergency situations.

A wide range of clinical documents can be added in My Health Record including:

  • hospital discharge summaries
  • event summaries
  • shared health summaries from GPs
  • prescribed and dispensed medicines
  • list of allergies and immunisations
  • Medicare claims
  • specialist letters
  • referrals
  • advance care plans
  • pathology or diagnostic imaging test results.

Patients can also upload their medical records and update notes, contact information and emergency contact details.

Having access to all this health information may avoid adverse drug reactions for patients, improve communication between a patient’s multidisciplinary care teams and avoid duplication of services.

To learn more about My Health Record, please visit these links:

my health app

my health, is an Australian Digital Health Agency owned and managed app, and is the latest digital tool developed by the Agency to help consumers and their carers engage with and be proactive in managing their health.

my health is now available to download from iOS and Android app stores by searching for “my health gov”. my health provides easy access to key health information once it has been uploaded to My Health Record including:

  • medicine information history
  • pathology results, including COVID-19 test results
  • proof of vaccination history and upcoming immunisations
  • allergy and reactions information
  • hospital discharge summaries
  • advance care planning documents

Learn more about my health here


Alternative ways to see or talk to a doctor or health care practitioner is now possible. Many GPs, specialists and allied health professionals are now providing consultations through phone or video call if physical examinations are not necessary. Telehealth does not replace a patient’s regular visits to the doctor, but it is a convenient solution when a patient cannot travel, needs to self-isolate, or lives in a remote area and cannot see their doctor face-to-face. All that is needed is a mobile or landline phone for telephone consultations, and a mobile phone or any mobile device that has a video platform and an internet connection for video consultations.

Telehealth facilitates faster diagnosis, convenience for patients, improves access to regional patients and improves quality of care.

For more information about Telehealth, please see these sites:

Electronic Prescriptions

Patients can receive prescriptions via SMS or email instead of the paper-based prescriptions. This is done through the GP who sends the prescription using a token system. The patient will receive an SMS or email containing all the medicine information and a QR code. Patients need to present this QR code to the pharmacy who will scan it to dispense the medicine. If the scripts have repeats, the pharmacy who dispensed the initial prescription will send new tokens to the patient. This is very handy as most people have mobile devices so they can save the SMS or email which can be accessed anytime, anywhere, reducing the risk of losing prescriptions.

In addition, an Active Script List is rolling out soon. This is convenient for patients who are on a number of medications. Patients have to request their GP to always send the prescription via the token system so that all medicines can be included in the list and dispensed by the pharmacy. Patients would need to visit their preferred pharmacy to register and set up their script list.

Electronic Prescriptions is an alternative method and does not replace the paper prescriptions. The patient has a choice whether to request for a paper or electronic script. Lastly, patients can also forward the SMS or email to their carer or family member so they can collect the medicines on behalf of the patient.

To learn more about Electronic prescriptions, please click the links below:

For further assistance regarding these digital health services, please feel free to contact Capital Health Network’s Digital Health Team at (02) 6287 8099 or email