Capital Health Network

Capital Health Network

Activity Work Plans

The ACT PHN Baseline Needs Assessment (BNA) has identified local priorities which in turn have informed and guided the activities for action in the Activity Work Plans.  The Activity Work Plans cover the period 2019/20-2023/24 and the activities correspond with the PHN objectives. Activity Work Plans are submitted to, and approved by, the Department of Health.

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ACT PHN Needs Assessments

Needs assessment is a crucial step in the commissioning process.  A good understanding of the current and likely future needs of the local population is critical if a suitable strategy to meet those needs is to be produced and put into practice economically, efficiently and effectively.

2016 ACT PHN Baseline Needs Assessment (BNA)

The process for the annual needs assessments has been guided by a provided framework and has built on the work undertaken for CHNs 2016 Baseline Needs Assessment (BNA).

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Companion documents 

This report, undertaken by Health Care Consumers Association (HCCA), documents the findings from consultation exploring consumer experiences with the primary health care system in the ACT.