Our objectives

Our core objectives include:

  • Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of health services for consumers, particularly those at risk of poor health outcomes
  • Improving the co-ordination of care to ensure consumers receive the right care at the right place at the right time

Our vision

Connected health and community care improving the health of our communities.

Our aims

Capital Health Network aims to deliver:

  • Better Health
    • Better health outcomes for the ACT community, with a focus on vulnerable people and those at risk of poor health outcomes
  • Better Care
    • An enhanced consumer experience of care
    • The provision of evidence informed, safe and quality primary health care and team care arrangements
    • Integrated care spanning the whole health system
  • Better Supported Workforce
    • The development of leadership capability, inter-professional collaboration and learning
    • An emphasis on the value of general practice and primary health care as a career choice
  • Better Value
    • Health services that deliver value to consumer and funders
    • Market responses that drive improvement, innovation and integration.

Our approach

We intend to take a standards-driven approach to fulfilling this role by ensuring that we:

  • are person-centred and outcomes-focused – our services will support improving the quality of experience of people who use health services and be directed at the outcomes of care at both an individual and population level
  • are open and inclusive – we will engage with consumers and the community, clinicians and key stakeholders in meaningful and in-depth engagement on health needs and gaps, and in the co-design and development of service and system improvements
  • will promote a sustainable and diverse market place – aiming to develop a diverse and sustainable market where improving quality and safety is integral to commissioning decisions, and ensuring there is an active strategy to develop the workforce
  • are well-led and deliver new ways of working – by developing a whole-of-system approach and assurance that evidence about what works is adopted.

Our core function

Commissioning for value - Commissioning is the strategic planning and investment in the improvement of local health services and systems to better address the health and wellbeing of the local population, deliver high quality and integrated primary health care, enhance workforce capability, and achieve better value and efficiency for the health system.

Commissioning is a cyclical and often iterative process that involves four interrelated components:

Commissioning Process for Capital Health Network

It is a transformational process that will often (proportionate to objectives, scale and resources) involve engagement with multiple stakeholders including consumers, general practitioners and primary health care practitioners, strategic partners and funding agencies including ACT Health, the community sector and service providers.

To fulfil this function we will:

  • serve as a system steward and enabler by focusing on delivering high value change requiring both incremental and step change improvement and innovation and ensuring that any new service models, pathways and ways of working are fully integrated into ACT’s health system
  • promoting the value of general practice, the patient-centred health care home and the efficient and effective delivery of services as close to home as possible, supported by multi-disciplinary teams
  • adopt a collaborative whole system approach with ACT Health and other relevant ACT Government Directorates to facilitate joint leadership and planning, joint priority setting and alignment of incentives, effort and resources
  • seeking public-private partnership strategies to boost innovation and innovative approaches in primary health care
  • actively support and nurture primary health care clinical leadership and stewardship, including amongst early career health care leaders
  • recognise the value of consumers as partners in care and act on our obligations under national standards to focus on enhancing consumer participation as well as build capability in areas such as health literacy, service system knowledge and self-management skills.

Strategic Plan

Please click here to download the Capital Health Network Strategic Plan 2016-2019.