Capital Health Network

Capital Health Network

Capital Health Network (CHN) is committed to ensuring people who access PHN-funded services receive the right services in the right place. CHN collaborates with service providers to ensure the delivery of metal health services are of exceptional quality and are responsive to the needs of the community.

CHN has a adopted a stepped care approach to the commissioning of mental health services for the ACT region and works in partnership with the mental health services sector to deliver a range of services that meet areas of identified need in the ACT.

Mental health activities commissioned include:

  • Services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Stepped care – Next Step
  • Suicide prevention
  • Child and youth specific services
  • Services for people with severe and complex needs
  • Services for underserviced groups
  • Psychosocial supports.

Click here for a summary of contracted mental health services.

Question, Persuade, Refer

Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) is a suicide prevention intervention that teaches lay and professional gatekeepers to recognise and respond positively to someone exhibiting suicide warning signs and behaviours.

While informative for mental health professionals, the course and content is specifically targeted at audiences with no assumed knowledge of mental health or suicide prevention, and aims to provide them with the skills to connect someone at risk with professional support.

QPR online takes approximately 60 mins to complete and can be completed over multiple sessions. In addition, an individual who has finished QPR can continue to access the program for 3 years to refresh their skills and knowledge.

You can sign up to complete QPR Online here.

Emergency or crisis services

The PHN-funded programs do not provide emergency or crisis services. If your client is experiencing a mental health crisis, please call the Canberra Health Services Access Mental Health on 1800 629 354 or (02) 6205 1065 (operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Helplines and online support services

Click here to download a PDF document listing CHN’s Commissioned Services