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Pharmacists in Residential Aged Care Facilities

With an ever-growing aging population, the 2019 ACT PHN needs assessment identified aged care as a health priority for the ACT region.  Capital Health Network (CHN), through the ACT PHN Program, has commissioned the University of Canberra (UC) to provide the Pharmacists in Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) Program.   

This program aims to reduce inappropriate medications, medication-related adverse effects and hospitalisations, as well as improve quality use of medicines indicators such as reducing use of chemical restraints.   Embedding pharmacists into RACFs will provide a collaborative service with pharmacists working with residents and their families, RACF staff, nurses, community pharmacists and other health professionals involved in the care of the resident. 

The program will be conducted in two phases.  Phase one is a randomized control trial which will test the effectiveness of embedding pharmacists into RACFs and will report upon the initial success of the program.  Phase two aims to embed pharmacists into RACFs that were in the control group for phase one, as well as additional ACT RACFs who express interest in the program.  The Expression of Interest period to participate in phase one of the program is still open, and will open for phase two soon.  CHN has convened a Project Governance Group to ensure that the program is safe, high quality and appropriate.  For more information about the program and to express an interest click here.  

Care finder program

A new care finder program has commenced to support vulnerable older Canberrans needing intensive assistance to access aged care and other supports.

Older Canberrans who don’t have a support person and who are eligible for government-funded aged care can access free support to work through the steps to address their needs.

Care finders can help:

  • people understand what aged care services are available
  • set up and attend an assessment
  • complete forms to access services
  • older people to access other supports in the community if required, such as health, mental health, housing and homelessness, drug and alcohol services and community groups.

These five local organisations that are now providing care finder services:

Capital Health Network, ACT’s Primary Health Network is proud to commission the above organisations to provide this much-needed service for older people.