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People living with HIV, their families and carers face complex challenges daily. Counselling services include intersectional perspectives that provide support and tools to clients to help them navigate these complexities and minimise personal and social impacts.

How can the HIV Counselling Program help you?

The HIV counselling program facilitates the provision of high-quality counselling services to people living with or at risk of HIV and their related diseases, those at risk of acquiring HIV, their partners, carers and families. Through the HIV counselling program, you will be able to:

  • Access specialised counselling.
  • Learn tools that will help you navigate complex emotional and everyday life challenges.

How to access the program

Capital Health Network has been commissioning Dr Jane Keany to provide HIV counselling services, with this arrangement concluding on 31 August 2022. CHN will not be commissioning HIV Counselling services beyond this date.

From 1 September 2022, HIV counselling services will be provided by Meridian Incorporated utilising funding from ACT Health. Formerly AIDS Action Council, Meridian is Canberra’s largest LGBTIQ and HIV+ community organisation. With 30+ years of experience, Meridian has a dynamic, intersectional, and progressive approach to tackling complex social health issues and providing quality and comprehensive services, including counselling, psychology, and social work services.

Dr Jane Keany will continue to provide HIV counselling services under Meridian from 1 September 2022. These services will continue to be delivered from the same premises to ensure no service disruption for existing clients.

Please refer to the Meridian website for further information on HIV counselling services available in the ACT, or contact Meridian on (02) 6257 2855, or via email at