Capital Health Network

Capital Health Network

What is population health?

Population health aims to improve the health and wellbeing of people in the ACT while addressing inequities among and between specific population groups and the most disadvantaged. It is used to identify health needs, risk and protective factors, service gaps and the effects of targeted interventions. To achieve optimum population health outcomes, comprehensive and integrated population health planning is required.

What is population health planning?

Population Health Planning aims to improve health system design and to achieve better population health outcomes. The Victorian Healthcare Association (VHA) working definition of population health planning is “integrated and collaborative planning that demands that health and non-health sectors, government departments, and service delivery agencies work together to address the issues faced by their communities and populations. It focuses on achieving real and sustainable health improvements and is committed to reducing health and social inequities. This offers opportunities for innovation by seeking and applying evidence about new and changing needs of populations, and how these are influenced by the determinants of health”.

What does population health planning involve for Capital Health Network?

  • Sourcing and analysing data to provide information about the health status of the ACT population and to identify the key health issues/needs and problems
  • Identifying the population groups or localities most affected and identifies the social determinants at play and/or the health inequities present
  • Assesses the adequacy of present initiatives to meet current and future needs
  • Identifies gaps in programs and services and opportunities to improve coordination and collaboration and the responsiveness of care
  • Planning for health services
  • Monitors and evaluates contracted services to determine progress towards achieving expected outcomes

How can the population health program help you?

  • Measuring local health needs, risks and changes over time
  • Providing evidence of need or service gaps
  • Promoting a shared understanding of needs and priorities
  • Measuring the effectiveness of care and new interventions

What has the population health program achieved?

Capital Health Network (CHN) completed a Baseline Needs Assessment (BNA) for the ACT population in 2016 and undertakes an update annually to provide the most recent and relevant information.  The Needs Assessment and associated service planning will continue to be central to the population health approach undertaken by CHN.