Program Objectives

The objectives of the Closing the Gap Program are to increase access to mainstream primary care services by Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples, by:

  • improving the capacity of general practice to deliver culturally sensitive primary care services
  • increasing the uptake of Indigenous specific Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS) items, including Indigenous health checks and follow up items
  • supporting mainstream primary care services to encourage Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples to self-identify
  • increasing the awareness and understanding of Closing the Gap measures relevant to mainstream primary care
  • fostering collaboration and support between the mainstream primary care and the Indigenous health sectors.

Under the Closing the Gap strategy, the Integrated Team Care (ITC) program provides resources and support to assist eligible patients to access needed and affordable health care services, including medical aids where required.

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These services are provided for residents of Canberra through Grand Pacific Health.  All services provided by the Care Coordinator are funded through the Primary Health Network, there is no direct cost to patients.

Please contact the team on 02 6298 2900 or visit Grand Pacific Health.