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Capital Health Network

Resource for General Practitioners:

Older Australians are at greater risk of more serious illness from COVID-19 but may have less access to information. They may also be more vulnerable to the social implications associated with COVID-19 restrictions including difficulty accessing essential services, isolation and loneliness.

Supports available to assist older Australians:

For more information, see Australian Government Department of Health – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Advice for Older People.

Patient resources to assist older Australians and carers:

Clinical resources – COVID-19 and Older Australians and COVID-19 Residential Aged Cared Facilities:

Digital Health (

Allied health services in Residential Aged Care Facilities

ACT & SNSW HealthPathways:

For further information on COVID-19 Assessment and Management in Residential Aged Care and Impacts on Clinical Care see the COVID-19 Assessment and Management in Residential Aged Care, the COVID-19 Impact on Clinical Care and the Issuing a Medical Certificate of Cause of Death – ACT pathways.