What is the HIV Program?

The HIV Program supports GPs in the management of HIV by providing nursing and counselling services as well as a varied education and networking opportunities for GPs and other health professionals.

What does the HIV Program do?

  • 10 HIV Clinical Care meetings per year, covering a range of topics 
  • HIV Medicine Special Interest Group meetings providing networking opportunities for GPs and other healthcare workers involved in HIV management 
  • Direct support to GPs who are involved in HIV management 
  • Nursing support of, and advocacy for, people with HIV and people at risk of HIV infection, who access GP services 
  • Counselling support for people living with HIV, their “significant others” (partners, families and friends) and people at risk of HIV infection

How can the HIV Program help you?

  • A program of HIV eduction and networking events 
  • HIV nursing and counselling support 
  • Information about management of HIV in a General Practice setting 
  • Linkages with local and interstate HIV and sexual health services

What has the HIV Program achieved?

  • The HIV program has enabled local GPs to work with a range of health care providers to deliver comprehensive health care to people with HIV in the ACT and region


Philip Habel RN 
Project Officer 
(02) 6247 5742 or p.habel [at] chnact.org.au

Dr Denise Kraus 
GP Advisor 
(02) 6247 5742